Cathedral Restoration

About the Project

More than 160 years ago, the people of Saint John built a great cathedral. It was a collective act of reverence in the face of tremendous odds, the ultimate expression of perseverance against the strife and upheaval of the times. Built during years of religious tensions; waves of Irish immigrants pouring into the province; a cholera epidemic; and a country on the verge of Confederation, the Cathedral was a testament to the determination of a young city to thrive. It stood as the highest structure for miles around – a beacon reminding the people of their Christian tradition.


Many of our country’s great churches are on the endangered list. Some risk being demolished for lack of interest or funds. Like our ancestors who faced tremendous odds building this cathedral, we are determined to secure our heritage for generations to come.  This historic project will restore the Cathedral, transform our communities of faith and strengthen the Catholic presence and tradition we provide in our city and in our province.


The primary focus of the Cathedral Restoration & Waterloo Village Revitalization Project is the restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception but the project will also enhance other community outreach organizations within Saint John’s Cathedral Block and the historic Waterloo Village neighbourhood, including St. Vincent’s Apartments, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Sophia Recovery Centre, and Coverdell Centre for Women among others.


Saint John’s only cathedral wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of people around the world. Thank you.

Restoration projects

For the first time in generations, the cathedral’s 24,000-square-foot roof was replaced. This was a major priority to prevent further damage to the cathedral’s interior due to water infiltration. 

The original plaster ceiling had suffered. As a result, scaffolding in the cathedral's interior has been installed. This provides a protective temporary "ceiling." This allows a regular schedule of worship and other events to continue at the cathedral.

But we need your continued support to help save our heritage.

The Cathedral’s Construction Committee is exploring order of priority for restoration project undertakings. While the committee reviews its options, we can report that the restoration projects will include…