Cathedral Heritage Foundation Team

We have the project leadership and organization to secure the minimum necessary funding of  
$10 million for the immediate restoration work. The Cathedral Heritage Foundation, a CRA-recognized charitable organization separate from the diocese, was established to manage and oversee the Cathedral Restoration Project.  
We have the support of the business community. We are working with urban and community planners.  And we have sought out government and heritage advisors to ensure the success of this plan, the preservation of the Cathedral, and our continued ability to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Board of Directors

Geoff Flood, Chairman
Patrick Darrah
Very Rev. Msgr. Brian Henneberry, V.G.
Hon. Noël Kinsella, P.C.
Douglas MacDonald, CPA, CA
Daniel McCarthy
John Travis
Paul Zed
Lynn Forbes Gautier, Executive Director

Honorary Patrons


Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix
Ambassador Dennis Savoie
Hon. Graydon Nicholas
Hon. Erminie Cohen
Hon. Rodney Weston
Hon. David Alward
Hon. Brian Gallant
Hon. Frank McKenna
Edith Butler
Susan Butler
Dawn Russell